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What kind of drilling is used when the structural reinforcement is reinforced?

Sep. 07, 2019

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"What should I do? It will be accepted soon, but the hole has not yet been drilled.", Mr. Wang encountered a big problem today that structural reinforcement project will soon be accepted, but everyone has different opinions about using a hammer or a drill to drill holes. When confused, Mr. Wang remembered last time he met Mankate technical expert and quickly called us.

Alloy Steel Adhesive Bonded Anchor Factory

Alloy Steel Adhesive Bonded Anchor Factory

Mankate technicians from professional Alloy Steel Adhesive Bonded Anchor Factory are demonstrating glue injection based on the site situation at a construction site!

Alloy Steel Adhesive Bonded Anchor Factory

Alloy Steel Adhesive Bonded Anchor Factory

What drilling holes are used in the reinforcement of structural reinforcement?

When the phone was connected, Mankate expert heard from the voice that was Mr. Wang met last week. Then Mankate experts gave detailed analysis and solutions according to the problems encountered by Mr. Wang. We share it with you and hope to help you.

Alloy Steel Adhesive Bonded Anchor Factory

Alloy Steel Adhesive Bonded Anchor Factory

Mankate technical experts are guiding the construction on site overnight!

Mankate's previous experimental comparison of the drilling effect of the electric hammer and the rhinestone showed that the impact of the drilling of the rhinestone on the base concrete is small, and the drilled hole is easier to clean, but if it hits the steel inside the concrete, it will cut the steel bar and avoid this phenomenon if you use a hammer.

Later, Mr. Wang said that the base concrete to be constructed at the construction site had no steel bars. Mankate experts suggested using water drill holes to reduce the impact damage to the concrete matrix. However, it is better to set up the fixing frame when drilling with a rhinestone, and intermittently work to prevent the bit temperature from being too high. When drilling with a rhinestone, pay attention to the vertical direction of the drill bit and the concrete surface of the base. From top to bottom, prevent the upper layer of cooling water from flowing into the lower hole. However, the hole diameter required for the Mankate structural adhesive is small, and the vertical hole, the horizontal hole and the inverted hole can be easily implanted. The operation is more convenient and quick, and the anchoring force of the implanted steel is generally greater than the yield value, and the height is high. In the national standard A grade adhesive requirements, if you want a good quality and easy to construct structural planting bar adhesive, choose Nanjing Mankate structural planting bar adhesive.

Mankate structural planting bar adhesive has been insured for 50 years, and China Nuclear Power has designated the use of products!

Drilling is an important step in the construction of structural reinforcement. If you are still unclear about this aspect, you must contact Mankate in time. Mankate has focused on strengthening industry for 16 years and has been interviewed for 3 times by CCTV. Even China's nuclear power is designated to use Mankate structural adhesive. What are you waiting for? Please call Mankate's one-stop service hotline: 400-894-5118~

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