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Why is Mankate’s injection-type planting bar adhesive excellent?

Sep. 10, 2019

 Summer gives the impression that it is quite hot. In summer, not only the sinister sun and high temperature, but also the rainy season.  This repeated weather is also a test for architecture, and it is easy to crack.  At this time, it must be reinforced with injection-type planting bar adhesive, and today we will talk to you about the brand of injection-type planting bar adhesive, which is loved by everyone in the building reinforcement industry.


5 major media interviews, CCTV's three reports

 Nanjing Mankate MT-500 injection-type planting bar adhesive, China's famous products, underwritten by Ping An Insurance.  The operation is simple, does not flow, does not crystallize.  It has been successfully used in Tianwan Nuclear Power Station, Shanghai-Kunming High-speed Railway, Nanjing Metro Line 4, Suzhou Line 2, Line 4, Lanzhou Subway, Shanghai Disneyland, Jinping I Hydropower Station and other projects.  It is a product that has been tested and guaranteed.  It also laid the foundation of the industry with quality, attracted the mediation of the five major media and three reports of CCTV, which is the pride of Chinese national brands.  Among them, two of its greater advantages are high temperature resistance and moisture resistance.

High temperature resistance and aging resistance

 Mankate MT-500 injection-type planting bar adhesive with high temperature resistance can serve 135 degrees environment for a long time and 200 degrees environment for short-term service.  After 50 years of trials, it has also obtained 50 years of anti-humid heat aging certification.  It also has a strong anchorage and is not afraid of summer exposure.  It not only reduces the impact of harsh environments on the building, but also effectively prevents the building from aging.  It can be said that it is very important material in the anti-humid, heat and aging building industry.


Not all injectable planting bar adhesive is able to pass the certification for 50 years of resistance to damp heat aging!

 Resistance to moisture

 Mankate has specially developed an underwater injection type of reinforced adhesive. The underwater injection type reinforced adhesive has strong water resistance and can be cured in water, shockproof, impact resistant and fatigue resistant.  The impact and damage of buildings caused by storms and floods is greatly reduced.  Not only that, but also meet all-weather operating conditions, and can be used in impact drills and pumping wet holes.  It is also resistant to seawater and is not susceptible to the corrosive effects of seawater. It can be applied on wet and underwater surfaces.


Mankate underwater injection-type reinforced adhesive can also be constructed underwater!

 In fact, Nanjing Mankate has been widely used in major projects at home and abroad.  Although there are predecessors who chose us to create an excellent reputation for us, your choice is even more icing on the cake for us.  Choosing us is to choose security.  Welcome to call our 24-hour service hotline: 400-894-5118