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How much is a barrel of adhesive?

Sep. 03, 2019

 “How much is a barrel of planting bar adhesive?, another customer in Shandong

 sent a private letter to us. Because he heard that Mankates planting bar adhesive works well, and this customer also wanted to buy adhesive.


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 How much is a barrel of planting bar adhesive?


The specific price of the planting bar adhesive does not have a unified standard. Different brands have different quality and the price is naturally different. However, although the quality of Nanjing Mankate's planting bar adhesive is very good, the price is very cost-effective and the price is very high.  This friend asks "How much is a barrel" may refer to the barrel of adhesive. Mankate is a group of A + B = 10kg, the price of a set is between 350-500 ( There are promotions in this month, and the price will surprise you.)  However, it is not convenient to construct the bottled reinforced adhesive now, and the effect is not very good. It is recommended that you use Mankate injection-type reinforced adhesive. Compared with barrel-coated reinforced adhesive, Mankate injection-type adhesive  Mainly has the following advantages:


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 1. The glue of the injection-type adhesive is thoroughly mixed by a static mixer, and bubbles are not easily generated;

 2, The injection type of planting bar adhesive is packaged in a single hose, using glue gun injection, can avoid many human factors; uniform ratio, better performance;

 3. Injectable planting bar adhesive is injected with glue gun. Firstly, the adhesive which is not mixed at the front end is squeezed out, and then injected from the bottom of the hole to the orifice. It can also discharge air, enhance the adhesion and enhance the effect of planting.

 4, The injection type of planting bar adhesive can avoid the drawbacks of the filling of the bottled planting bar adhesive.


Mankate injection-type planting bar adhesive promises to keep safe for 50 years!

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