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Nanjing Mankate Science & Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2004,  is a high-tech enterprise that specializes in researching, developing, manufacturing and selling a full range of anchoring and fixing systems, products and accessories for building reinforcement in construction industry.
Following the enterprise tenet of "forge ahead in unity, cooperate and innovate in pursuit of perfection, advance in sustained promotion", our company develops and manufactures more than 10 kinds of series products: undercut anchors, self-undercutting anchors, undercut panel anchors, adhesive anchors (chemical anchors), carbon fiber fabric (Japan Toray filament, Tairyfil), carbon fiber sheet, carbon fiber plate, prestressed anchorage device, carbon fiber adhesive, crack sealing adhesive, steel bonding adhesive, anchorage adhesive, crack filling adhesive, weather proofing sealant, structural adhesive, cast-in channels and so on. We vigorously promote the development of reinforcement, anchorage and curtain wall materials in construction building industry.
Undercut Anchors, Self-undercutting Anchors
Our high-quality products have been widely used in many projects. For example, cardinal highway and bridge reinforcement engineering in mid-southern Chongqing (prestressed anchorage system), Nanjing Gulou Hospital (carbon fiber sheet), Performance Center of Inner Mongolia (undercut anchors), Shanghai Wanguo Enterprise Building (self-undercutting anchors), the  reconstruction of Angola, Africa Judicial Building (anchorage adhesive), etc.. These products are deeply welcomed and recognized by domestic and international customers. We are dedicated to offering technical advice and perfect service for overseas customers with all our heart.
We have established nationwide offices in over ten cities, making different sales plan according to different local characteristics. We refuse to involve any price war, we just satisfy customers' demands with high quality and excellent service, along with top salesmen personal charisma and company support as strong back force, the sales channels are developed significantly, and sales performance has achieved straight-line growth every year. NJMKT brand and products are widely known and accepted by more and more clients all over China and the whole world.
Crack Filling Adhesive, Weather Proofing Sealant
NJMKT steadfastly holds on the belief of "product sale is just the first step", takes the benefit of clients as our starting point, appoints professional workers and technical engineers to inspect on construction site and communicate with construction party to help to detail the design plan, calculate overloading capacity of reinforcement materials, etc. NJMKT customizes various specifications of products according to every project requirements in the case of without affecting material performance.
In the process of construction, we have authoritative technician team to follow the project for technical support, supply training for construction workers, assist to solve all the problem during the process of installation, offer regular inspection and maintenance after products are put into use...We will try our best to make sure all projects safe and completion on schedule. We bring entire trouble-free process to you. Nanjing Mankate has purchased liability insurance, covered by Ping An Insurance Company. Security assurance goes a further level.
Green Products of China Building Materials
Nanjing Mankate now has a large number of high-level professional and technical personnel. We employ domestic authoritative experts as technical team, and keep close cooperation and communication with many international technology authorities which are jointly dedicated to the development and innovation of the technology of China reinforcement, anchorage and curtain wall materials. Our company strictly adheres to domestic and international standards to manufacture and manage, and we have received many honors. Our products was named as "Green Products of China Building Materials" in 2004, and awarded the honor of "Jiangsu AAA Quality and Integrity of Brand Enterprise" and "National Integrity of Corporate Membership" by CQSA in 2007. The trademark of Mankate has been recognized as "China Famous Trademark" in 2008. Nanjing Mankate passed ISO 9001:2008 quality system certification in 2011, and obtained honorary titles of "Jiangsu High Quality Products" and "China Famous Quality Products" in 2016, undercut anchors and self - undercut anchors also got ETA approval in 2019 and so on.
"Honesty-first, Sincerity-basis" is our perfect interpretation of Nanjing Mankate core values. NJMKT will promote scientific development of new reinforcement industry as our responsibility and make a positive contribution to the reinforcement of market and society realistically and innovatively.