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Have You Done The Right Way To Use Carbon Fiber Plate Adhesive?

Mar. 15, 2017

  Carbon fiber plate adhesive is applied to bond carbon fiber plate and concrete, which is the necessary adhesive during carbon fiber plate construction.
  Nanjing Mankate carbon fiber plate adopts Taiwan epoxy resin, nanometer materials and other additives. There is no dripping even under vibration and it can be constructed underwater. No matter its tensile strength, modulus and elongation.

1.carbon fiber plate adhesive has got two components: component A & component B(A:B=2:1).Weighs two components seperately, then mixes them up and uses them up within 30 minutes.
2.approved for concrete and carbon fiber plate, carbon fiber plate adhesive abounds in high permeability. Because the middle part of carbon fiber plate is thicker than the two edges, which should be taken into consideration when pasting the carbon fiber plate adhesive.
3.≥25℃,70% of carbon fiber plate adhesive will cure for only one day and can bear the various force after curing for 3 days; about  5℃, 70% of carbon fiber plate adhesive will cure for two days and can bear the various force after curing for 5 days;

NJMKT carbon fiber adhesive features:

*Excellent thixotropy, non-drip for horizontal, vertical and overhead applications in vibration condition

*Very good resistance to age, chemical corrosion and water

*Good performance of damp-heat aging and freeze-thaw resistance

*There is nearly no shrinkage after cure time, wide range of mixing proportion, reasonable operable time

*Free of ethylenediamine, nearly odorless, non-toxic

*Excellent properties of bonding strength, toughness, peeling strength and impact resistance

*Fast and easy stirring ensures accurate mixing proportion, when properly mixed, adhesive will be an even color for use

*Mixed adhesive should be used up within 30 minutes (depending on specific ambient temperature), the density is about 1.60~1.63 g/cm3 (cured), gel time is about 2~6 hours
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