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What Is Adhesive Bonded Anchor?

Mar. 14, 2017

  NJMKT customers may be very familiar with conical specified adhesive anchor of threaded rod, but NJMKT adhesive bonded undercut anchor as new invention are not been known well. Today, Let NJMKT introduce this one to you guys!
Key Features

Consist: anchor rod, key lock, expansion head, washer, nut

Material:carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel

Grade: grade 5.8, 6.8, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9

Adhesive:standard-equipped with our MT-500 Anchorage Adhesive, modified epoxy resin, high temperature resistance and aging resistance for 50 years.


The wall of drilled hole and mechanical key lock forming the keying effect and providing superior load-carrying capacity to finish the anchorage

High load-bearing capacity, not only features the advantages of mechanical anchors, but also combines with the seismic resistance and impact resistance of bonding adhesive

Strong anchorage bonding strength achieves the effect of embedded parts

Free of phenylethene and ethylenediamine, nearly odorless, non-toxic

Simple operation, fast and easy dispensing by mixing nozzle ensures accurate mixing proportion

Cap design is available for several times to use the total amount of adhesive

Wall of the drilled hole and locking key form the locking effect. Matched with steel bonding adhesive, anchorage can be achieved. Adhesive bonded undercut anchor abounds in the advantages of mechanical anchor and steel bonding adhesive's high performance in seismic resistance and impact resistance.
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