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Nanjing Mankate's Excellent Performance In Guangzhou Window Door Facade Expo China 2017

Mar. 13, 2017

  Yesterday, it's the second day of Guangzhou WINDOOR EXPO, more people were attracted to Nanjing Mankate stand than the previous day. Here are several pictures for you to get a vivid perception of the the scene!


  No matter our president Mr.Xu or our several colleagues all warmly welcomed and received all visitors and gave them the most professional explanation. Some of them were traders, all sort of companies and of course our partners and customers. All of our products used for curtainwall were laid on the exhibition stand and showed to all visitors.
  As we know, with the development of economy and society, curtainwall is more and more used in building construction for its beautiful appearance and practical use. In the construction of curtainwall, in order to improve the service life and security of curtainwall, mechanical anchor, adhesive anchor and panel undercut anchor are approved for the installation of curtainwall.

  For this exhibition, Nanjing Mankate had prepared a range of anchoring series, such as dismountable anchor, self-undercut anchor, undercut anchor, conical specified anchor, steel bonding adhesive, hammer-in panel undercut anchor, spin-in panel undercut anchor and so on.

   For dismountable anchor, it satisfies the higher demands of large-scale equipment fixing and reinforcement. It is the patented product only manufactured by NJMKT and even attracted many counterparts. Specially suitable for dynamic load and aggressive enviroment. For self-undercutting and undercut anchor, they do not need secondary drilled hole and abounds in high performance in corrosion resistance and seismic resistance. Besides high strength and easy construction, they are approved for various base materials and can ensure efficient and safe tensile force and shear force. Wanner know more details? Click here to see more!

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