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Carbon fiber carbon cloth for school reinforcement-Nanjing Mankate carbon fiber carbon cloth manufacturer

Feb. 10, 2020

 Recently, the school collapse incident has been hotly searched. Many bad projects started with a fluke, because they could not see the appearance. When something happens, they regret it, but couldn't find a way to make it up. The school reinforcement project must be strictly controlled from the beginning of the material and responsible to the students. It is necessary to choose a reliable one, such as Nanjing Mankate carbon fiber carbon cloth used for the school reinforcement.


Choose reliable carbon fiber carbon cloth, just in Mankate!

 Carbon fiber carbon cloth is lightweight and has high strength. It is a new type of building reinforcement material. Many schools are currently using it to strengthen the campus.  However, many of my purchasing friends are not familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of reinforcement materials because they are not insiders. Tied up in a pile of carbon fiber carbon cloth reinforcement material manufacturers, they can not extricate themselves for a long time! They can not help but shout "Who is good and who is bad, how do I think?" "Buy expensive one, afraid of being cheated. Buy poor one, afraid of quality problems!" Don't worry! We are here to help you solve this problem today.

The inferior carbon fiber carbon cloth has a very obvious characteristic, that is, its "cloth surface" does not look very flat, and it is easy to scatter when cut, and when you come close  it, it seems to have a pungent odor or smelly. But others win because the price is cheap, so many people often get into the pit, only to know the regret after buying. Once there is a natural disaster, it will definitely show up.  This is often the case of campus collapses.



 Mankate carbon cloth detected by the laboratory actually reached 4424.1582 MPa!

What about high-quality carbon fiber carbon cloth as a reinforcing material?  Take the Mankate brand which has been interviewed by CCTV for three times as an example. The surface of this carbon fiber carbon cloth is very high, and the cut is not scattered. In short, it looks very beautiful.  If you ask the manufacturer for some quality inspection report, the manufacturer will show it to you immediately without saying a word. This is the confidence. On the other hand, some manufacturers are indifferent when they mention the quality inspection report.  In terms of performance, this is directly related to the reinforcement effect.  Mankate carbon fiber carbon cloth has high strength, and the carbon cloth detected by the laboratory actually reached 4424.1582 MPa.



 Mankate's matching carbon fiber adhesive has passed 50 years of certification against moisture and heat, which is safe and reliable!

The carbon fiber glue supporting Mankate carbon fiber carbon cloth of school reinforcement has passed the 50-year certification of anti-humidity and heat aging. It is non-toxic and odorless, and can be constructed while teaching without any impact.  If you need to purchase Mankate carbon fiber carbon cloth reinforcement material, please contact us, our one-stop hotline: 400-894-5118

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