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What does 'k' for carbon fiber fabric Mean?

Feb. 14, 2020

As the global climate continues to warm, extreme weather continues to increase. During this season, heavy rain, typhoons, and droughts are often "randomly played" together. Under the influence of this kind of extreme weather, the building is constantly being tested. More and more units are beginning to realize the importance of taking precautions and strengthening key parts of the building and vulnerable parts in advance. At this time, as a new type of reinforcement material, carbon fiber fabric is showing its strength. Because of the unique properties of carbon fiber fabric, it can be used for reinforcement work in many environments, and is welcomed by the majority of construction units. However, when you buy, you will find that carbon fiber fabric has different K number? So what does this K mean? Today, Carbon Fiber Fabric Factory will take you to understand the meaning of K of carbon fiber fabric.

According to carbon fiber specifications: 1K, 3K, 6K, 12K carbon fiber fabric and large tow carbon fiber fabric (such as 15K, 24K, even 48K). "K", it represents the specifications of carbon fiber fabric. Carbon fiber fabric is woven from a bunch of carbon fiber filaments. 1K means that a bundle of fiber filaments in a carbon fiber fabric contains 1,000 filaments, then 3K represents a bundle containing 3,000 carbon fiber filaments.

Carbon Fiber Fabric

Carbon Fiber Fabric

Is that the more tow, the better? Actually not. In order to reduce costs in production, some manufacturers generally use large tow carbon filaments to produce inferior carbon fiber fabrics. They have poor hand feeling, high hardness, and are thick and dense. It is very dangerous for structural reinforcement. The small tow is more expensive. The small tow carbon fiber requires strict process control, the cost of carbonization equipment is high, and the cost of the produced carbon fiber fabric is high. Among so many categories, 12K Carbon Fiber Fabric is the most cost-effective.

NJMKT carbon fiber fabric takes product quality as its lifeline, and always insists on using imported Toray carbon fiber to manufacture carbon fiber fabric. The produced high-quality 12K carbon fiber fabric has straight tows and flat cloth surface, adhering to the advantages of high-quality carbon fiber high strength, high elastic modulus, corrosion resistance and aging resistance. If you have a need for this, please contact NJMKT to purchase it!