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How to Attach Carbon Fiber Fabric?

Jan. 22, 2020

Most people don’t know how to use it after purchasing carbon fiber fabric. The reason is that many new masters of this new type of reinforcement technology have not fully received the reinforcement process teaching, so the reinforcement effect is not satisfactory. So today I will talk to you about the process of attaching carbon fiber fabric and the issues that need attention in the reinforcement process.

The process of sticking carbon fiber fabric:

1. Basal surface treatment, the surface of the reinforced part is fully polished, and the base surface is comprehensively polished without any attachments. Grind the corners to rounded corners.

2. Brush the bottom epoxy resin and correct the unevenness, and then ink the line.

3. Brush Epoxy Resin Adhesive to the bonding surface. The amount of glue must be sufficient.

4. Attach the cut carbon fiber fabric to the rubber-coated surface of the concrete. The carbon fiber fabric should be extended and straight. If carbon fiber fabric has joints, the overlap length should be 20cm, and the joints should be 1/3 of the base material, not in the middle of the base material.

5. Repeated rolling with a scraper, so that the carbon fiber fabric can be stretched, flat, and free of air bubbles. The purpose is to allow the glue to fully penetrate the carbon fiber fabric, and roll coating multiple times.

6. Sprinkle quartz sand on the construction surface coated with carbon fiber glue to ensure the adhesion of the stucco layer.

Carbon Fiber Fabrics

Carbon Fiber Fabrics

In the reinforcement of carbon fiber fabric, many friends reported that the carbon fiber fabric appeared hollow, broken, etc., but they did follow the standard process to construct it! If you encounter this kind of problem, then you should reflect on whether the problem lies with the carbon fiber fabric reinforcement material.

At present, there are many types of Carbon Fiber Fabrics on the market, and the brands are mixed. Sometimes, some inferior, substandard carbon fiber cloths are accidentally purchased. They look no different from normal carbon fiber cloth. But when you use it, you realize that this is really useless! It's a pity to eat without taste! Therefore, when choosing carbon fiber fabric, you must choose a best one at a time.

If you are interested in carbon fiber fabric, you can contact NJMKT. The carbon fiber fabric produced by NJMKT has 2 guarantees, that is, the manufacturer's warranty for 50 years, plus China Ping An underwriting! Just to make you feel assured when buying, and peace of mind when using. NJMKT's seismic-reinforced carbon fiber tow is straight, the cloth surface is flat, and it has the advantages of high strength, high elastic modulus, and corrosion resistance and aging resistance. And its proportion is only 23% of steel, but the tensile data is as high as more than 4000 MPa, which can be said to be truly lightweight and high strength! If you need carbon fiber fabric reinforcement, please contact NJMKT.