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How should carbon fiber cloth be used to reinforce concrete columns?

Jan. 13, 2020

 "I would like to ask how carbon fiber cloth can be used to reinforce concrete columns. We have tried many methods but the effect is still not good. Is there anything wrong?" we received such a phone call a few days ago. After understanding this customer’s project and asking about the use of the project's carbon fiber cloth, we helped the customer successfully solve the problem of how carbon fiber cloth is used for concrete reinforcement. We summarized this experience. Let's share it with everyone.


Mankate's two specifications of carbon fiber cloth, the same excellent quality!

 First of all, what is carbon fiber cloth? We believe many friends will have such doubts: Can a small, black cloth stick to the wall which can really strengthen the wall? The answer is yes. The characteristics of carbon fiber cloth are light weight and high strength.

However, not all carbon fiber cloths can achieve the expected reinforcement effect, and the strength must pass. The tensile strength of the first-grade carbon fiber cloth can reach more than 3800 MPa, while the tensile strength of the Mankate carbon fiber cloth can reach as high as more than 4000 MPa.  Therefore, the use of quality-guaranteed carbon fiber cloth (such as Mankate carbon fiber cloth) for engineering reinforcement can really achieve the expected reinforcement effect.


The strength of Mankate carbon fiber cloth is far beyond the standard of first-class carbon cloth, up to more than 4000 MPa!

 So how is carbon fiber cloth used in concrete column reinforcement? The more common problems in concrete columns are axial compression, large eccentric compression, and insufficient ductility. When encountering this situation, we can use carbon fiber cloth to continuously paste the concrete columns in the circumferential direction through the circumferential encirclement. This can effectively improve the lack of normal section bearing capacity and ductility of the concrete columns.  The carbon fiber cloth is pasted into an annular hoop to increase the bearing capacity of the inclined section of the concrete column.

We also remind everyone that for small eccentrically compressed concrete columns, the carbon fiber cloth reinforcement method is not applicable, so we need to pay attention to the length of the concrete columns in the axially compressed concrete columns. Whether the length ratio and section meet the construction requirements, it is necessary to judge whether to use the carbon fiber cloth reinforcement method according to the actual situation of the project.


Whether carbon fiber cloth is really safe and secure, you must pass this test first!

 Choosing a safe and secure carbon fiber cloth is equally important for engineering, so when choosing a carbon fiber cloth, we should choose a carbon fiber cloth product of guaranteed quality according to our project.  Mankate carbon fiber cloth has passed the rigorous "Technical Specifications for Engineering Reinforcement Material Safety Evaluation" test, and the product quality is underwritten by Ping An Insurance of China, which adds an extra layer of protection to your project. If you have a need to buy carbon fiber cloth, please call Mankate's one-stop service hotline: 400-894-5118.  Editor: Mankate Technology. Source: