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Mankate's 2019 Annual Meeting At The Pipeline Commission

Jan. 13, 2020

On December 12, 2019, at the New Century Grand Hotel Hangzhou, a grand event in China’s corridor industry, a thousand-person conference was held. CCTV was attracted, and there are popular live broadcasts to help out. The way of using live broadcasts throughout the whole process is so trendy and exciting. It is an event that is not anxious, so how can you lose the role of Nanjing Mankate.

Nanjing Mankate has always been at the forefront of the construction of pipe corridors, and has made great efforts for the construction of comprehensive pipe corridors in China. In particular, Mankate's embedded channels have helped Wuhu pipeline corridor construction, Chongqing Huangzhong pipeline corridor construction, and Jiangsu Huaian pipeline corridor construction. Mankate's Cast-in Channels have passed 2 million times of fatigue resistance and 3,000 hours of anti-corrosion salt spray test. As a national brand with such excellent quality, the embedded channel must of course contribute to the construction of its own country!

Cast-in Channels

Cast-in Channels

Well, it is revealed that the big coffees participating in this event are: Academician Qian Qihu of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Academician Xiao Xuwen of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Ms. Yan Jinxiu, Chairman of the International Tunnel and Underground Space Association, Director of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development Lu Yingfang, Director of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Mr. Gao Zhen, Director of the Ministry of Science and Technology and Industrialization Development Center, Mr. Qiu Peiyan, Deputy Director of Hangzhou Urban and Rural Construction Committee, Chairman of China Municipal Engineering Association Xu Yanqiu, Secretary-General of China Municipal Engineering Association Zhang Shuling, China Municipal Engineering Association Pipe Gallery and Underground Space Special Committee Director Mr. Jiang Lihong.

Ms. Huang Zixiu, the chairman of the Mankate, delivered a humorous speech at the meeting, which amused the experts at the scene and attracted thunderous applause.


In front of the Nanjing Mankate booth, the crowd was moving. This time, Mankate exhibited the commonly used embedded grooves, rear expanded anchor bolts, inverted cone shaped Chemical Anchor System and supporting arms of the embedded channel, which attracted experts from all walks of life to consult and negotiate.


Mankate warmly congratulates the annual success of this annual corridor conference. As a member, Nanjing Mankate will continue to pay attention to and support the development of the management committee. I hope the management committee will do better and better for the construction of the underground corridor in China. Make our due contribution!