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How to do when the spacing of anchors is too small when planting ribs--Structural reinforced adhesive manufacturer Nanjing Mankate

Aug. 30, 2019

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"Could you look at the spacing of our planting bars?" In the morning, Mr. Zhang sent a photo to us. "Mr. Zhang, you have a gap between the anchors. It is so small that it is easy to appear group anchor effect!"

When the reinforcement is used, the spacing of the anchors must be strictly in accordance with the specifications.

What should we do if the spacing of the anchors is too small when planting the bars?

Since the spacing of the anchors must be strictly in accordance with the specifications when planting the bars, what should be done if the spacing is too small? Under normal circumstances, the distance between adjacent anchoring bars should be greater than 3 times the diameter of the bar, but for some special components, such as the joints of the studs, it is difficult to meet the requirements because the spacing of the anchors is limited. What should we do in this case?

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At this time, in order to prevent the occurrence of group anchoring phenomenon, the reinforcing bars can be combined and the anchoring depth can be increased. For example, two pillars with a diameter of 18mm (15x18) and an anchoring depth of 270mm can be replaced by a 25mm steel bar and the hole depth can be increased to 375mm (15x25).

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