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How to determine the basic anchoring depth of steel bars when using chemically implanted adhesive?

Jan. 10, 2019

The so-called "planting steel bars” is a construction method in which steel bars are inserted into concrete and bonded with chemical reinforced adhesive to achieve the design requirements. Chemical planting bars adhesive is a high-performance building structure reinforcement and engineering material for the anchoring of horizontal and vertical steel bars. This method is mainly suitable for rooting of steel bars on concrete structural parts. How do you determine the basic anchoring depth of steel bars?


Determining the depth of the reinforcement has several steps:


1, positioning the line

According to the original design drawings, the leather rods are prepared before the masonry, and then the specific number of blocks (or bricks) and gray seams are drawn on the frame column (the side with the wall) with the leather rods, and according to the drawings or the requirements of the specification, marking the location where each steel bar needs to be implanted.

2, drilling the hole

(1) First check the concrete strength grade, the requirement must not be lower than C15.

(2) According to the requirements of the atlas and the specification, identify the specifications of each steel bar, and select the drill bit and the drilling depth of different diameters according to the diameter of the steel bar.

(3) The hole-forming machine may use a hollow drill or an electric hammer drill, but the structure of the original concrete member shall not be destroyed. In the process of drilling, if the main reinforced concrete main ribs must be avoided, do not cut off the original main ribs. If it is really impossible to avoid the main ribs, the drill bit will not be drilled. If the required depth cannot be reached, the number of holes can be increased appropriately.

(4) The wall of the hole after drilling has to be intact, that is, there is no crack, no honeycomb, no hole.

(5) When drilling, the drill bit is slightly inclined downward, so that the orifice is slightly lower, so as to clear the hole.


3, clear the hole

(1) Immediately after the hole is formed, clear the hole. Use a steel brush to remove the dust from the hole wall, blow out the dust, and clean up the accumulated water. The holes should be as dry as possible.

(2) Wipe the wall of the hole with cotton yarn and draw acetone. If the ribs cannot be planted in time after clearing the holes, if necessary, the holes should be blocked to prevent dust, sand and the like from falling into the holes.


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