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Burning easily? You may have bought a fake carbon fiber cloth.

Jul. 22, 2018

 Recently, a small accident occurred at a construction site in Nanjing. During the welding process, a welder scattered the welding flowers onto a random pile of carbon fiber cloth. It was not expected that this batch of carbon fiber cloth was actually ignited by the welding flower and burned up. Fortunately, in the end,  only one roll of carbon fiber cloth was damaged. On the surface, the cause of this small accident was the carelessness of the welder and the irregularity of the stockpiling, but it is not difficult for professionals to find out. In addition, the carbon fiber cloth itself had great quality problems.

Carbon fiber cloth is generally made of carbon wire. As we all know, carbon wire has many advantages. In addition to being light and corrosion resistant, there is an important feature that the temperature resistance is good. Its ignition point is at least 1000 degrees. The condition is that it will not catch fire easily. Therefore, it is widely used in the aerospace and military defense fields. Obviously, the carbon fiber cloth in this accident was not a high-quality carbon fiber cloth, and there were many impurities, so it caused combustion.


 In addition to mastering the method of identifying carbon fiber cloth, choosing a standard carbon fiber cloth manufacturer is also the key to ensuring product quality. Nanjing Mankate has 15 years of experience in the production of carbon fiber cloth. The products are made of imported Toray carbon wire, which has high flatness and the cutting is not scattered. High-quality carbon fiber cloth, choose Mankate to ensure your construction safety.


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