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In the hot summer days, the building reinforcement has to use carbon fiber cloth.

Jul. 21, 2018

This year's "Sanfutianhas come. The climate of “Sanfutian” is characterized by high temperature, low air pressure, high humidity and small wind speed, which is the hottest season of the year. People feel most uncomfortable at this time of the year. Similarly, buildings are subject to the same test at this time of the year. After the rain has been soaked in the rainy season, the house will be cracked after being exposed to the sun, which will seriously affect the quality and safety of the building. At this time, you need carbon fiber cloth to help to repair.


What is the main reason for using carbon fiber cloth to reinforce buildings? Because carbon fiber cloth has the characteristics of high performance strength and low mass density. Many places where tensile reinforcement is required, such as crack repair of buildings, can use carbon fiber cloth. Carbon fiber cloth reinforcement is easy to construct and does not require large equipment. The construction process is simple, and the construction process of the carbon fiber cloth reinforcement can be seen as follows.



 Nanjing Mankate specializes in the production of carbon fiber cloth for building reinforcement for fifteen years. Its carbon fiber cloth has tensile strength exceeding the standard, and adopts imported carbon wire. It has high flatness and is not scattered. It can be bent and formed with light weight. It does not increase the weight of the components and does not change the cross-sectional dimensions of the components and many other advantages.

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