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Is the carbon fiber building reinforcement above or below the floor?

Jul. 23, 2018

Recently, news has frequently happened about owners defending their rights. The cause of the incident is nothing more than the problem of the quality of the house when the developer is handing over the house. This also reminds the developers. if you find problems before the house is delivered, you need to remedy in time and pass the acceptance. Cracking of building slabs is a problem that is prone to occur. Using the new reinforced material carbon fiber cloth is possible to repair the problem parts quickly and well, and solve the big problem in the process of delivery.


Then when the carbon fiber cloth is used to reinforce the building, is it usually above or below the floor? Generally speaking, the bottom is mostly, and the upper surface is rarely attached unless the floor is a cantilevered member. Most of the slabs bearing characteristics are that the middle part is bent downward, so the lower part should be pasted to improve the bending resistance.




In short, the position of the carbon fiber cloth should be the same as that of the original structure. If you don't know how to distinguish the pasting position, you can choose Nanjing Mankate with 15 years of carbon fiber cloth production and engineering experience. In 15 years, Nanjing Mankate has accumulated a lot of experience in building reinforcement, and professional construction personnel cooperate to provide free technical support. Mankate carbon fiber cloth, a reinforcement option for professionals.

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