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[Shandong] the transformation of Lunan Pharmaceutical Factory workshop selected Nanjing Mankate electrogalvanizing chemical anchor bolts.

May. 17, 2018

The electrogalvanizing chemical anchor bolts used in the renovation project of Lunan Pharmaceutical Factory's B17 workshop must first be of high quality and can withstand the test of time from material selection to processing. A construction and installation company in Shandong sought on the Internet and eventually chose to purchase 100 sets of 8.8 M16*190 electrogalvanizing chemical anchors and M20*260 electrogalvanizing chemical anchors in Nanjing Mankate, which has 15 years of experience in chemical anchor production. Nanjing Mankate chemical anchors have passed the fire protection, high temperature resistance and repeated cracking without any impact. It is the designated brand of nuclear power, high-speed rail and subway projetcs! And, Nanjing Mankate sells products directly from the Internet, factory direct sales, even gives the profits to the customers.




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More and more customers in Shandong purchase chemical anchors in Nanjing Mankate. Please log on the official website of Nanjing Mankate: All chemical anchors produced by Nanjing Mankate have undergone rigorous factory inspections so that all people who purchase Nanjing Mankate chemical anchors are assured and at ease.

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