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The question whether chemical bolts can be welded finally got the answer!

May. 16, 2018

Can chemical bolts be welded?

Many of the answers you get are not solderable. Because the chemical bolts are fixed or connected with certain chemical substances. The high temperature during welding will melt the chemical anchor adhesive in the chemical bolts and then it will lose the anchoring force. After the high temperature welding, it will certainly not pass the pull-out test.

Indeed, at present, most domestic chemical anchors cannot be welded. However, there is a reverse-cone chemical anchor bolt in Nanjing Mankate that can be welded. How does this happen? Let us learn about this inverted cone chemical anchor together.



High-temperature resistant and weldable chemical anchors

Nanjing Mankate inverted-cone chemical anchor bolt has passed through the fire and high temperature resistance and repeated cracking 1000 times no impact certification. It is used with supporting high temperature solderable Mankate MT500 adhesive. It has safety appraisal report and no aging for 50 years. After welding, the original tensile strength can still be maintained.

This is because MT500 anchorage adhesive used in Mankate's inverted cone chemical anchors is an improved formulation that is certified for acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, fire resistance, and it has safety certification. This MT500 anchorage adhesive has been successfully used in large projects including Suzhou Metro, Nanjing Metro, and Kunyu High Speed Rail. If your projects require welding, please choose Nanjing Mankate inverted cone chemical anchor bolt.

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