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Nanjing Mankate's suggestions: teach you how to choose a satisfactory subway anchor bolt.

Apr. 10, 2018

Only one in a hundred is chosen. You need to carefully compare!

Nanjing Mankate recommends that you should think twice before buying chemical anchors. If you do not seriously compare with other brands, you will certainly think that the quality of Nanjing Mankate is good but the price is expensive. However, once you compare with other chemical anchor manufacturers, it will be found that Nanjing Mankate's chemical anchor bolt is such a one in a hundred selection. Otherwise, Chengdu Metro Line 7 will not use Nanjing Mankate's stereotyped chemical anchors and building anchorage adhesive throughout the project.

What are the advantages of Nanjing Mankate stereotyped chemical anchor bolt?

1. the same shape as the pre-buried channel, acid and alkali resistant, freeze-thaw resistant, fireproof, and high temperature resistant and solderable;

2. matched with MT500 anchorage adhesive, safety appraisal report, 50-year non-aging report;

3. high temperature and humidity resistant, be effectively anchored in the clear water holes;

4. fatigue and shock resistant, repeatedly cracking for 1000 times without effects.


The quality of product is very important and intimate service can not be eliminated.

Customers always care about buying what they want. So for businesses, their responsibility is to provide customers with the most suitable product. Nanjing Mankate chemical anchors have many choices. How to make customers satisfied is a key issue. As long as customers are willing to believe in us, our customer service at Nanjing Mankate will certainly use a professional attitude and the most attentive service to help you select a perfect inverted cone chemical anchor bolt.

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