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Warmly welcome leaders of Panjin City to Nanjing Mankate for inspection and guidance

Apr. 11, 2018

Looking for good building reinforcement material manufacturer, you have to turn to Nanjing Mankate.

On April 10th, the leaders of the Panjin city arrived at Nanjing Mankate. They conducted an inspection of Nanjing Mankate and highly evaluated the products.


After the leaders of Panjin City introduced the situation of Panjin, Ms. Huang, the general manager of Nanjing Mankate, discussed the use of Nanjing Mankate's products in Panjin area according to the actual situation of this city.


Huang mentioned that Panjin City which belonged to warm temperate zone with semi-humid continental monsoon climate was an important central city of Liaoning coastal economic belt. The seaside is very humid there, and it highly needs Nanjing Mankate's high anti-corrosion anchor bolts.


Moreover, Panjin belongs to the cenozoic sedimentary basin formed from the “Yanshan Movement” in the northeastern part of the North China Platform. After a long history of river alluvium, marine accumulation and aeolian deposits, Panjin is continuously covered with deep and loose sediments. In the event of a typhoon, Nanjing Mankate’s anti-seismic and anti-typhoon anchor bolts are needed.


In addition, Panjin’s ground elevation is an average height of 4 meters, and the ground is flat and waterless. Most of the places are moist and watery. So Nanjing Mankate’s underwater anchorage adhesive is needed.


After a series of brief introduction by Huang, leaders of Panjin City found out that what Panjin needed was Nanjing Mankate's reinforced products.


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