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What to do if the bearing structure of a house is destroyed?

Apr. 09, 2018

When the house is renovated, some places can be reformed but some cannot be. From many cases of problems related to the structure of the houses, which lead to safety risks, we can see that it was because we reformed some places that could not be reformed, resulting in damage to the bearing structure. Today we will share with you some experience of house renovation and reinforcement.


1. The steel in the wall cannot be moved;

Some customers have to drill a hole in the wall. When drilling a hole, they have to see if they will touch the steel bars inside. Once there was a customer who drilled  holes in the beam with the drill rig when installing the air conditioner, the reinforcing bars were chipped off, causing floor deformation. Therefore, the reinforcing bars in the beams cannot be moved. Once a problem arises, it is recommended to choose the enlarging section method and planting bars to undertake the reinforcement. Nanjing Mankate anchorage adhesive is recommended here. Nanjing Mankate anchorage adhesive has strong anchorage force and long service life. It can be up to 50 years.


2. The low wall between the balcony and the living room cannot be moved;

There will be a low wall between the balcony and the living room. The low wall is a window. Do not assume that this low wall is not load-bearing, so you can dismantle it freely. This low wall is equivalent to the function of a weighing scale, which balances the balcony and the living room. Once it is dismantled, the weight of the balcony will be subjected to trials, and there have also been cases of balcony falling.


3. The connection parts of bearing wall and bearing wall cannot be removed;

The load-bearing wall bears the load-bearing function of the whole house or the entire building. Once dismantled, the bearing structure of the entire building will be destroyed and the consequences are unbearable. For example, if you live on the ninth floor, there will be potential safety hazards on the entire tenth floor. Besides, many people think that only the bearing wall can not be demolished, then he will demolish the side wall. Actually, the light wall linked to the bearing wall is also part of the bearing wall, which helps to share the gravity with the bearing wall. So it cannot be dismantled.


4. Beams cannot be removed;

Beams and pillars must not be removed, and holes must be carefully drilled because there are steel bars inside. If there are problems with deformation or load bearing of the beams and columns, it is recommended to use Nanjing Mankate carbon fiber cloth. The tensile strength of Mankate carbon fiber cloth can be as much as 8 times than that of steel. It can be bent and wound to form. It is suitable for all kinds of curved surfaces and special-shaped members. It is light in weight and does not increase the weight of the components. It does not change the size of the components’ section as well.

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