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How To Strengthen Commercial Office Buildings?

Oct. 09, 2019

Find here details of Safe Adhesive Anchor on our website. Today we would like to talk about how to strengthen commercial office buildings.

Commercial buildings, including office buildings and shopping complexes, are large-scale activity venues with dense crowds, which have higher requirements for building reinforcement. Commercial buildings are places where people engage in commercial activities, especially high-rise and large-scale shopping malls. Accidents are inevitably a vicious accident. If a panic is caused, it is also prone to unsafe accidents such as stepping on, so commercial building reinforcement is very necessary.

Safe Adhesive Anchor Manufacturer

Commercial office buildings are reinforced with bonded steel reinforcement, Carbon Fiber Cloth reinforcement, and reinforcement. Different reinforcement methods have different pertinence. Before reinforcement, specific analysis of the disease of the building is required, and a reinforcement calculation book, reinforcement design, and reasonable construction plan are issued.

For commercial real estate reinforcement, there are two points to consider, one is earthquake resistance, the other is fire prevention. Our company’s carbon fiber cloth has outstanding seismic effect. The seismically strengthened carbon fiber cloth has straight, smooth surface, high strength, high modulus of elasticity, corrosion resistance and aging resistance. The specific gravity is 23% for steel and 3800MPA for tensile strength. Carbon fiber cloth for commercial building reinforcement is very suitable.

As for fire protection, carbon fiber adhesive and epoxy structural adhesive are resistant to high and low temperature, high temperature resistant type can serve 135 degrees environment for a long time, and 200 degree environment for short term service. Therefore, it can ensure that the building structure does not lose the weight-bearing function at high temperatures.

Safe Adhesive Anchor Manufacturer

Commercial complex and office building reinforcement, we must pay great attention to quality in materials and construction, our earthquake-resistant carbon fiber cloth, China's famous products, underwritten by Ping An Insurance. It has been widely used in Nanjing Metro Line 3, Chengya Expressway, China Aerospace Building, Nanjing Gulou Hospital, Dabaoen Temple and other projects. It is your wise choice, 400-894-5118.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact Safe Adhesive Anchor Manufacturer.