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Do You Know How To Use The Carbon Fiber Impregnating Adhesive Specially For Underwater Use?

May. 22, 2017

  Nanjing Mankate impregnating adhesive specially for underwater use supplies people with solutions toward the construction problems of carbon fiber sheet reinforcement on humid environment. With no dripping during construction, no crystallization, curing under low temperature, this adhesive abounds in high performance in binding force, repair effect and sea water resistance.

  The specific construction method of construction totally underwater is as below:
  1. surface treatment:
Make certain the place where need repairing, then use the water cannon to clear the moss and sludge, use air grinder to polish the surface of concrete.
  2. level the surface:
Fully and evenly mix the leveling adhesive specially for underwater use by weight proportion(Component A:B= 2:1). Coat the leveling adhesive to the surface of concrete by chopper. The thickness of coating should not be thicker than 10mm.
  3. prepare the materials:
according to the requirement of design drawing, cut the carbon fiber sheet to the suitable shape and tile on bi-layer thin film(the thickness of film is 0.1mm)
  4.mix pregnating adhesive specially for underwater use
accoring to the weight proportion(Component A: B=3:1), mix the adhesive at low speed in open container evenly and fully for ensuring the perfect effect of construction.

  5. pre-impregnate the carbon fiber sheet
use scrape to paste and  repeatedly press impregnating adhesive along the fiber direction for fully permeation. Ensuring the adhesive layer on one side of carbon fiber sheet is thicker. Put the pre-impregnated carbon fiber sheet betwwen the bi-layer thin film and roll the carbon fiber along the filament direction. 
  6. paste carbon fiber sheet
constructors need dive to the construction site and unfold the carbon fiber sheet, uncover the thin film, paste the carbon fiber sheet on the surface of base material, use scraper to scrape the carbon fiber sheet along the fiber filament direction to ensure that the carbon fiber sheet is straight, flat and there is no bubble inside the sheet.

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