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Why does the Carbon Fiber Fabric Appear Empty?

Mar. 20, 2020

The carbon fiber fabric reinforcement method is a new type of structural strengthening technology. It uses a resin cement material to paste the carbon fiber fabric on the concrete surface, and uses the good tensile strength of the carbon fiber material to achieve the purpose of enhancing the bearing capacity and strength of the component. Although carbon fiber fabric looks so perfect, there are still many friends who report that the use of carbon fiber fabric is not good, for example, the problem of empty drums often occurs. The problem of empty drums is not terrible. What is important is how we look at it. Only by understanding the reasons behind it can we prevent the phenomenon of empty drums from continuing to appear. When using carbon fiber fabric to strengthen the building, why is there an "empty drum" phenomenon? The Carbon Fiber Fabric Factory will tell you below.

What are the main reasons for carbon fiber fabric to produce empty drums?

1. Grind the concrete unevenly before bonding;

2. The carbon cloth is unevenly adhered, and the scraper does not completely exhaust the air when scraping the cloth;

3. Thickness varies when brushing carbon fiber glue;

4. After the carbon cloth is pasted, the adhesive is not evenly applied;

5. The quality of carbon fiber fabric, such as too hard, weaving is not tight and so on.

We can see that the first four factors mentioned above are all errors in construction operation. With a little care, the problem of empty drums will not occur. However, the quality of carbon fiber fabric is uncontrollable. Poor quality of carbon fiber fabric will produce empty drums. What factors will cause the quality of carbon fiber fabric to be bad? What does this have to do with empty drums?

Carbon Fiber Fabric

Carbon Fiber Fabric

The problem of hollow drums caused by poor quality of Carbon Fiber Fabric is mainly caused by three factors: insufficient tension of carbon fiber tow, inconsistent gap between carbon fiber tow, and poor raw material of carbon fiber.

1. The tension of the carbon fiber is not enough: After the glue is cured, some carbon fibers are straight, and some are not straight, and the tension is not enough to form an empty drum. On the other hand, many times the carbon fiber fabric is pasted on the back, and the poor quality carbon fiber fabric tow It is wavy. When the glue drops down, the wave area becomes the fall point, which is the so-called empty drum.

2. Carbon wire gaps are inconsistent: there is a certain gap between the carbon wires. If some wires are tight and stick together, some wires are loose, and empty drums will also be produced;

3. Poor raw materials of carbon wire: Without good raw materials, there will be no good carbon cloth finished products. It is inevitable to produce empty drums.

The hollow drum produced by carbon fiber fabric will not only make the reinforcement less effective than expected, but also increase the cost of the entire project, which will seriously affect the overall building safety. So in order to be safe, everyone must use high-quality carbon fiber fabric for construction. Do not cause big trouble because it is small and cheap!