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Crack Repair in Concrete

Mar. 13, 2020

Recently, a friend in the industry asked NJMKT that cracks appeared in the concrete. How can we repair it efficiently? Is it a sealant solution or a carbon fiber fabric reinforcement solution? Actually, these two solutions are not more efficient, because they are not the same for concrete reinforcement problems. If you are interested in learning about it, continue to watch the introduction of Crack Sealing Adhesive Supplier. Take a few minutes to ensure you have a great harvest.

1.Surface repair method

When the cracks on the concrete surface have not endangered the bearing capacity and stability of the structure, you can choose to clean the concrete reinforcement surface first and keep it clean. Subsequently, use Crack Sealing Adhesive on the cracked surface of the concrete to smooth the surface. NJMKT's crack sealant has high thixotropy, which means that it is not easy to flow during construction, and its sealing ability is strong, and it is very resistant to corrosion and abrasion. The product has passed the ISO quality system certification and passed the provincial inspection for 17 consecutive years. It is worth your trust.

2. Structural reinforcement method

Everyone must remember that if the condition of the cracks has jeopardized the bearing capacity and stability of the structure, the structural reinforcement method must be adopted. There are many types of structural reinforcement methods, but here I would recommend NJMKT Carbon Fiber Fabric for your reinforcement.


Carbon Fiber Fabric

Using carbon fiber glue, the carbon fiber fabric is pasted to the concrete reinforcement surface, so that the lightweight and high-strength NJMKT carbon fiber fabric and the repair surface form a unified whole. They work together to achieve the effect of enhancing the stability and bearing capacity of the repair surface. NJMKT carbon fiber fabric has passed very stringent tests in the industry, and has been rated as a famous product in China. It is underwritten by Ping An Insurance of China. The manufacturer has a 50-year warranty and multiple guarantees. Are you still not assured?

Quality is guaranteed, let alone performance issues. The strength of NJMKT's carbon fiber fabric is the strength of carbon fiber fabric, and this carbon fiber fabric is just an ordinary carbon fabric on the market! In addition to its resistance to acid, alkali, corrosion and humidity and heat, its strength is far superior to the first-class carbon fiber fabric with a strength of 3400 MPa on the market, up to more than 4000 MPa! With carbon fiber fabric for concrete reinforcement, what are you still worried about?

Whether you are repairing the surface or strengthening the structure, NJMKT is an excellent choice for you. Welcome to come and buy.