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What sh​ould you pay attention to when reinforced with building carbon fiber cloth on the floor?

Sep. 07, 2018

With the continuous development of the economy, the house is also built higher and higher. It is also a constant challenge for engineering technology. The key part of the building is the floor. The floor slab plays an important role in the building structure. It is a partitioning load-bearing member, which is the horizontal support of the wall and column and the connecting rods, which maintain the stability of the wall column and can withstand the load from the horizontal direction, transfer these loads to the wall and column, and then pass the wall and column to the foundation. So how do you use building carbon fiber cloth for reinforcement once there is a problem with the floor? What should you pay attention to?



The first step is to clean the surface of the floor. Be sure to thoroughly clean the floor attachments, wipe them with acetone, and keep them dry. In accordance with the principle of reliable anchoring and material saving, the condition of bonding carbon fiber cloth should be determined as appropriate. Under normal circumstances, it should not exceed 4 layers, and 1~3 layers are better.


Then the unloading of the floor is carried out. When reinforced with construction carbon fiber cloth, measures should be taken to remove or most of the live load acting on the structure. If it is not unloaded, after reinforcement, the structure is to bear the gravity of the floor and the live load. When the carbon fiber cloth is built, the building carbon fiber cloth does not bear gravity, so it cannot fully exert its function. Only when the carbon fiber cloth is attached can the force be applied to achieve the purpose of reinforcement, and on the other hand, the material is wasted.


The last thing to note is the bearing capacity limit after reinforcement with a building carbon fiber cloth. Generally, the construction of carbon fiber cloth can increase the structural load and achieve the current load demand. Then the problem is coming. Is it limited by the construction carbon fiber cloth, and the bearing capacity is increased? The code stipulates that after the reinforcement of reinforced concrete structural members, the increase of the bending capacity of the normal section should not exceed 40%. This is not only to control the crack width and deformation of the reinforced components, but also to check the shear bearing capacity first, to avoid the shear damage of the components before the bending damage due to the increase of the bending bearing capacity.



Having said that, we learned not only how to carry out the reinforcement of building carbon fiber cloth on the floor but also need to learn to choose high-quality building carbon fiber cloth. The building carbon fiber cloth produced by Nanjing Mankate is made of high quality imported Toray carbon wire. All indicators have reached national standards, and key indicators have far exceeded national standards. It is an ideal choice for many projects.

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