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How many years can a chemical anchor be used?

Sep. 06, 2018

Since the advent of chemical anchors, important engineering materials have been used in the field of reinforcement. Generally, the chemical anchor is composed of an anchor portion and a chemical portion. The screw is cemented and fixed in the bore of the crucible substrate through a special chemical adhesive to realize the composite member anchored to the fixing member.

Due to its characteristics, there are many limitations in the use process. such as:

1. Keep unused products and products in use away from fire sources to avoid damage to packaging;

2, the installer must wear protective gloves, plastic transparent protective cover;

3, chemical anchors need to avoid being kept together with food;

4. Before the colloid is fixed, the screw of the anchor should not be shaken to avoid fixing failure;

5, It can not be welded. However, in recent years, some domestic manufacturers have taken the lead in developing high-temperature weldable chemical anchors. Nanjing Mankate’s special inverted cone chemical anchor is one of them. In addition, you will have questions about how many years the chemical anchors can be used. Because the age of use determines the age and quality of reinforcement.

In general, due to the nature of the chemical anchors, their useful life is only two years. This is also a big problem for construction. However, this problem has also been solved by the Nanjing Mankate technician mentioned above. The special inverted conical chemical anchors produced by Nanjing Mankate have been certified for 50 years of resistance to damp and heat. And it can be effectively anchored in high temperature, humidity and even holes with clear water. It is resistant to fatigue, shock and repeated cracking 1000 times will not affect the use.



It is not difficult to see that looking for a good special inverted cone chemical anchor,  please choose Nanjing Mankate. Our chemical anchors are available in various models and specifications. You can also customize the products according to your needs to meet your engineering needs. Welcome to call to buy.

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