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The natural gas pipeline of Sino-Russian east-line opened. Carbon fiber cloth reinforcement solved the big problem of the Belt and Road.

Jul. 18, 2018

The national “Belt and Road” important energy project has been steadily advanced in the construction of the Sino-Russian East Line natural gas pipeline. Last September, the tunneling distance of the first tunnel underwater through the shield project has exceeded 10 kilometers and reached 1,035 meters, with a total length of 1,139 meters. In the face of the pipeline that has occurred and the possible rupture, the construction team used carbon fiber cloth reinforcement to reinforce the pipeline. The person in charge of the construction team praised this: "The carbon fiber cloth reinforcement method has effectively solved the problems we are worried about, and the construction is also so convenient! We must work together with the border inspection officers and soldiers to fight for the opening of the first tunnel as soon as possible. In this way, tribute to the Party’s 19th National Congress!”





So how do you use carbon fiber cloth in the construction of pipeline reinforcement?

1 pre-treating the outer surface of the pipeline to remove the anti-corrosion layer;

2 Use the electric descaling tool to polish the surface of the pipe to meet the St3 level descaling requirements;

3 Clean the surface of the pipe with a cleaning agent and make it fully dry;

4 Apply a filling resin to the depression and repair it to the surface of the defect;

5 After filling the resin for preliminary curing, the high-strength carbon fiber composite material is wound to ensure that the composite material covers the defect portion, and the number of winding layers is 6 layers;

6 make anti-corrosion treatment in the reinforcing area, and then backfilling.

Carbon fiber composite repair and reinforcement technology has higher safety, reliability and adaptability than other types of repair technology. It has better repair ability for mechanical damage of pipe pit type. The carbon fiber cloth produced by Nanjing Mankate is made of imported carbon wire, which is high in flatness and the cutting is not scattered. It is very suitable for pipe repair reinforcement. Choose Mankate and choose to be assured!


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