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Why is this slot filling adhesive a savior to cracked roads?

Jul. 16, 2018

“If you want to be rich, you should build roads first.” As the speed of urbanization accelerates, more and more cities are connected to the countryside by roads. The road, like the blood vessels of the economy, transports materials and funds from the city to the countryside and from the village to the city. However, the cracked road surface is like a blocked blood vessel, affecting the normal "blood" flow. Nowadays, there is a good concrete pavement crack treatment product that can effectively solve this trouble - slot filling glue.

Then how does the slot filling glue work? Because the viscosity of the glue is very low and the penetration is strong. It can be injected into the micro cracks of 0.1 mm width. It has excellent toughness and impact resistance after curing. It is suitable for crack repair in concrete engineering. It can fill and reinforce the internal defects of concrete and the hollow drum of wall and floor tiles.





Are you interested in this kind of glue now? Come and pick good quality glue! Nanjing Mankate specializes in the production of slot filling glue for pavement cracking for about 15 years, and we provide technical support free of charge to solve your worries after purchase.

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