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Would you like to install products correctly and safely? understand more information of construction anchors and structural adhesive and reinforcement materials? increase your knowledge of installation systems? study more about seismic products and safety installation?... ---- Please do not hesitate to contact us and welcome to join our training.

Depending on what you need, we can demonstrate our products and installation training at our plant or on the jobsite or at the location of your choice. We offer our customers free training and advice on products and installation for your projects. We customize our offer to design training programs on request for you. NJMKT supplies a safe working environment in which customer training is operated and personal development is encouraged. 

If you have other needs and specific questions, we are pleased to provide you with all the necessary information you are interested, so you can list your questions in advance and our experienced technicians are ready to give answers in details and convey their extensive knowledge and guidance to your workers during the training.