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NJMKT technical lab has our own product quality testing center and a full range of modern and advanced testing equipment which is comparable with national testing center. We promise to test all materials before manufacture, only when the testing data meets the requirement, we put into production operation, when off the production line, all products have to go through quality testing line. We never let unqualified products go out of factory. 

Our technical equipment can also offer testing service for your products in our factory. Besides, when dealing with different base materials, it often requires different and maximum load. NJMKT offers the possibility of determining the given strength of the material by performing tensile tests.

NJMKT provides trained qualified personnel to perform the tests, which are carried out using perfectly-calibrated test equipment in factory to ensure your project quality. The anchors and materials are tested according to construction code criteria. After the tests are completed a specific report containing the test data and results is provided to you.