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Carbon Fiber Board That Brings Great Benefits To Building

Oct. 17, 2019

Since many buildings in the early years have not been designed for seismic protection and cannot meet the requirements of the Building Seismic Evaluation Standards, how to carry out seismic strengthening of such buildings has attracted extensive attention. Carbon fiber sheets have been used in recent years due to their high tensile strength, low density, corrosion resistance and durability. By comparing with traditional reinforcement technology, we can find out the excellent engineering benefits. Today, our Carbon Fiber Sheet Supplier will talk about its benefits.

First of all, let's take a look at the properties of carbon fiber sheets. The carbon fiber sheets are light in weight, high in strength, good in shape, and can adapt to a variety of complex structural shapes for seismic strengthening and repair and reinforcement, and have little effect on structural weight; carbon fiber repair and reinforcement The process construction is simple and quick, no need for formwork and support. Although the price of carbon fiber itself is slightly higher than other materials, construction costs are greatly reduced. It eliminates the need for reinforcement of steel plates, concrete reinforcement and other traditional methods of anchoring, assembly and disassembly fixtures, vertical molds, support, concrete pouring, curing, demoulding and other complicated procedures and auxiliary facilities, and takes up little space. Adapt to work at heights. Therefore, the comprehensive cost of the carbon fiber sheet repaired concrete structure will be lower than the traditional reinforcement method, and the more complex the structure, the more obvious. In addition, the carbon fiber sheet does not require rust prevention and anti-corrosion treatment required by methods such as sticking steel reinforcement, so it has obvious economic benefits.

In addition, the construction of the carbon fiber sheet for seismic strengthening is simple and rapid, and the occupied space is small, so that the influence of the construction on the surroundings is reduced to a low level. Therefore, if necessary, under certain conditions, it can operate under the normal operation of the traffic facilities and the normal production of the factory, which has certain social benefits.

Twill Carbon Fiber Sheet

Twill Carbon Fiber Sheet

Carbon fiber sheets are available in different styles. Commonly used are Twill Carbon Fiber Sheet and plain carbon fiber board, so you can choose different styles of carbon fiber board depending on the application.

At the same time, in order to bring greater help to the building reinforcement industry, and to scientifically and rationally save the national transportation construction resources and excavate the bearing capacity of the bridge, effectively utilize the emerging technology in the bridge reinforcement process to extend the service life of the bridge and meet the requirements. The demand for modern transportation now has a predetermined carbon fiber board. The prestressed carbon fiber board technology is a major improvement to the traditional adhesive carbon fiber reinforcement technology. It enables the carbon fiber to be at a higher stress level before carrying the load stress on the structure, and predominates a certain degree of strength in advance, thereby achieving high strength performance. Give full play to bring the gospel to the construction and reinforcement of bridges.

The prestressed carbon fiber board system has the following advantages compared with the conventional techniques (such as the enlarged section method, the outer steel reinforcement method, the external bonded steel reinforcement method, the prestress reinforcement method, the additional fulcrum reinforcement method, the shotcrete reinforcement method, etc.)

(1) High-strength and high-efficiency: The prestressed carbon fiber board reinforcement technology effectively improves the structural bearing capacity and bending rigidity, saves carbon fiber consumption and reduces the total project cost.

(2) light weight, small space requirement: the quality of prestressed carbon fiber reinforced board is only 1/5 of steel, which basically does not increase the original structure's own weight. It can be supplied in a large length without overlapping. No large construction equipment is needed, construction takes up the less site. 

(3) Good durability and corrosion resistance: Prestressed carbon fiber sheets are resistant to acid, alkali, salt and atmospheric environment and do not require regular maintenance.

Seeing this, we can find that carbon fiber sheet reinforcement technology has more significant engineering benefits than other technical methods.

Our carbon fiber sheet produced by Nanjing Mankaite Technology Co., Ltd. uses imported carbon fiber yarn, which is resistant to humidity and heat aging for 50 years. It has high straightness and excellent toughness, which is a suitable choice for your engineering application. There are also a variety of building reinforcement materials including Chemical Anchor and mechanical anchors. If you are interested in this product, please contact Mankat Professional Technical Consultant.