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Analysis of construction technology of injection -typed anchorage adhesive

Nov. 17, 2017

As we all know, epoxy-typed anchorage adhesive is a kind of epoxy structural adhesive. During the practical engineering, anchorage adhesive is almost used by the way of injection, which is the origin of "injection anchorage glue". Now let’s talk about the construction technology of injection type anchorage adhesive taking Nanjing Mankate star product MT-500 anchorage adhesive as an example.

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First of all, we need to understand the characteristics of MT-500 anchorage adhesive. The group A and group B ratio of the product is 2: 1. The two-component modified epoxy anchorage structural adhesive has passed the ISO quality system certification. MT-500 anchorage adhesive has good acid and alkali resistance and aging resistance. The life expectancy is up to 50 years. It can be long-term used in the 135 ° environment. The instant short-term high temperature can be up to 200 degrees. There is almost no shrinkage during curing.


The curing speed of MT500 injection anchorage glue is moderate. If it is constructed under the temperature more than 25 °, it can be loaded in the 24 hours after planting. During the anchoring, it must not hit and shake steel bars. If there is skew, it needs to be re-implanted.


Before planting the steel bars, we should pay attention to clear the holes. After drilling the holes, blowing out the holes dust with a high-pressure blower to keep it dry and clean, then installing the glue gun on the anchorage glue, checking whether the nozzle has spiral tube, otherwise abandoning it. Dont pluck away the spiral tube in the nozzle, evenly extruding the glue. The first three shots of glue should be discarded. When finishing injecting the glue, change a new nozzle. Clean the nozzle, stuff up the choke plug and it can be used next time.


Above are some key points of injection-typed anchorage glue. Nanjing Mankate MT500 anchorage glue is a good helper for your reinforcement. If you need our anchorage glue products, please contact us through the following ways:

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