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What are the advantages of carbon fiber cloth compared with the traditional steel?

Oct. 11, 2017

Today Mankate’s editor received some letters from customers, saying that they see the articles that we issue every day, which say how good is the carbon fiber cloth and much better than the steel materials. Many traditional steel reinforcement materials manufacturers disagree this idea. And still some readers can’t understand. So what are the advantages of carbon fiber cloth compared with the traditional steel? Today our editor will tell you why the carbon fiber cloth is better than steel materials and why you must use our carbon fiber cloth to process.


Traditional metal materials have superior performance and possess a broad market in many areas. However, with the emergence of carbon fiber cloth and carbon fiber composite materials, they constantly impact the position of traditional metal. Carbon fiber cloth and carbon fiber composite materials have excellent performance in the fields of building reinforcement, aerospace, transportation, etc., The costs of production of traditional steel are higher. The tensile strength is 650MPa, and the density is about 7.8g / cm3. So the finished product is very heavy. It has much pressure for the reinforcement of some large projects.


For the current reinforcement market, lightweight is a very important indicator. Carbon fiber cloth is very good to achieve the purpose of lightweight. Its density is only 1.7g / cm3. In addition, the chemical performance of the carbon fiber cloth is stable. On the whole, it will not have oxidation. It has stronger corrosion and moisture resistance than steel. And it has heat insulation. So the thermal expansion coefficient of carbon fiber cloth is small. And its size is stable. It will not deform with the change of the temperature. The strength is also much larger than steel. For example, the tensile strength of Mankates carbon fiber cloth is up to 3800MPA and it has excellent performance.


After reading so much data comparison, whether you think the carbon fiber cloth is better than steel or not. Nanjing Mankate carbon fiber cloth has a domestic leading production equipment and production technology. It has passed the ISO quality system certification and is China's famous products. It is underwritten by China Ping An Insurance Company and has passed 15 consecutive years of quality inspection. It has even been showed in CCTV. So if you want to buy carbon fiber cloth, just turn to Mankate. Move your fingers and surf, or call 400-894-5118. We will be happy to serve you.