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The sacred flame of the National Games is burning. Mankate ensures the safety of the athletes of the National Games.

Sep. 04, 2017

At 8 P.M. on August 27, after six years of intense preparation, the opening ceremony of the 13th National Games kicked off tonight in the "water drops" stadium - Tianjin Olympic Sports Center Stadium. This National Games return back to the original intention of developing the sports games and improving peoples physique. In order to respond to the call of the Party Central Committee, which is to make China a sports power instead of the previous gold medal-based, this National Games venue is named “water drops". The whole venue is futuristic with a total construction area of 158,000 square meters. Such an important event like this, the quality and safety of the venue is naturally in the first place. It is a must to completely eradicate the major security incidents. So whether the reinforcement of the sports venue is the same as that of our ordinary houses? Mankate has much experience about the reinforcement of the large-scale stadiums. We once processed the reinforcement projects for the National Coliseum Circus Performance Hall as well as Inner Mongolia Performing Arts Center. Today Mankate will talk with you about the reinforcement of the sports venues.


Generally, the work amount of sports venues is very big. It is impossible to use single method to reinforce. The use of materials and technology must coordinate each other in many ways. The commonly used methods are: new concrete components, carbon fiber reinforcement, steel-encased reinforcement, planted steel bar reinforcement, the expanding interface of beam columns reinforcement and so on.


The use of materials, including steel bars, carbon fiber cloth, after reamed anchor bolts, anchoring adhesive and so on, must be processed in advance. Size and shape specification must be controlled strictly. The planting technology must be strictly in accordance with the steps, which are drilling, cleaning the holes, drying the holes, injecting the adhesive and planting the steel bars. Mankate anchoring adhesive has ever helped the construction of the national circus venue. It was well received because of its fast carrying, high temperature resistance, anti-fatigue, anti-aging, anti-acid and algae.


After reamed anchor bolts must approve earthquake-resistant, fatigue-resistant and non-loose test. The most important is anti-corrosion and anti-rust. Mankate after reamed anchor bolt doesnt rust after 3100 hours of salt spray test. It is the first choice of large-scale projects and is widely used in the national sports venues and many subway projects.


The choice of carbon fiber cloth is also very important. The seismic capacity is based on the use of carbon fiber cloth. Mankate carbon fiber cloth has light weight, high strength, high modulus and high temperature resistance can be up to 2000. Besides, it is anti-corrosion and its anti-fatigue performance is better than steel and aluminum. So for the large-scale projects like stadium, it is very suitable. The dead weight of reinforced concrete structure is big. If we use a large number of steel armoured reinforcement, it will greatly increase the building's own weight. So we should use carbon fiber cloth to reinforce.


The sacred flame of the National Games is burning. The time is advancing. Mankate is just like a sportsman in the arena. Although there are a few minutes on the stage, the constant efforts are ten years. All of the manufacturers of reinforcement materials have such a dream that no matter how beautiful the building is, it needs very high-quality reinforcement products to support. Before our eyes is the magnificent National Games stadium. But it is the unknown manufacturers of the building reinforcement materials that support the whole stadium. Nanjing Mankate wishes all of the National Games athletes: race out of the level, race out of results.