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Mankate Little Anchor Bolt Helps Maritime Silk Road Museum

Aug. 24, 2017


Guangdong Maritime Silk Road Museum, also known as the South China Sea No.1 Museum, located in the west of ten miles Silver Beach Scenic Area of Hailing Island, back to the mountain and facing the sea, possessing pleasant scenery, was officially open to the public on the twentieth of December in 2009. Maritime Silk Road Museum is a theme museum which is characteristic of the dynamic demonstration of exploring the underwater archaeological site. Recently, the Silk Road Museum is applying for the world heritage to show the project. The project aims to display window and large model structures in the cultural relics of fixed venues. As we all know, the cultural relics on the ship are invaluable. The national first grade cultural relics are rare in the world. So they strictly controlled the quality of the materials that were used in the project. In the construction they used Nanjing Mankate M24 after reamed anchor bolt.


The leaders attached great importance to the project of Guangdong Maritime Silk Road Museum because this venue has a very important scientific value. The cultural relics in it reflected the social production, social life, culture and arts and advanced science and technology of China's Song Dynasty. But the venue faces the sea and the air is wet. Besides, it is located in the Pacific seismic belt. So the use of materials must have strong properties of anti-corrosion and seismic capacity. Nanjing Mankate after reamed anchor bolt has approved the national anti-seismic, fatigue resistance and not loose tests. The most important thing is that Nanjing Mankate after reamed anchor bolt doesnt rust for 3100 hours in the salt spray test. This just conforms to the needs of the Maritime Silk Road Museum. So this project adopted the Mankate products in the whole course. And they finished drawing test under the guidance of Mankate technical staff to ensure that the product parameters meet the design requirements. Let's take a look at the scene.


Nanjing Mankate after reamed anchor bolt can bear a very high load and can be used to withstand the impact and seismic load. When using the Mankate special drill, it will have the real mechanical lock key effects. The non-expansion force producing by mechanical lock key ensures the effective transmission of the force in the concrete. So do not look at the after reamed anchor bolt so small and exquisite. But it is an important part of the protection of China's important historical relics. There are many other important domestic projects in the use of Mankate after reamed anchor bolt. For example, Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, Nanjing Metro Line 3, Xiangshan Hilton Hotel, etc., Don’t doubt that Mankate after reamed anchor bolt can protect from the Song Dynasty to the modern, and also protect our future. If you are interested in Mankate after reamed anchor bolt, please call our hotline immediately.