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Nanjing Mankate: Do not let the high-rises collapse like the Titanic

Jul. 27, 2017

Once upon a time, when I was in the age that I still believed in love, I also cried for the result of Titanic sadly. But people will always grow up. So after being an adult, I began to think why the Titanic that was the proud of British Empire was so easy to have the accident. Therefore, I collected the relevant information and surprisingly found the truth that the century-level cruise which was built from the March of 1909 unexpectedly used the low-quality metal rivets. The slag content in them is even two times more than the standard steel. The low-quality rivets are prone to fracture in the process of the violent impact. As a result, this led to the final tragedy. So I think that China is regarded as the devil of the construction in the eyes of people around the world and consumes large amounts of rebar and concrete every year. But if you use the inferior reinforcement materials, such as the poor quality carbon fiber cloth, then many projects will be in huge potential risk. If a high building has some safety problems, the consequences will be beyond our imagination.


Mankate carbon fiber cloth adopts the imported carbon fiber wire for precision machining. It has high strength and is completely different from a lot of basalt fiber or dyed black aramid fiber in the market. After using the latter carbon fiber cloth, it will cause a lot of engineering security risks. Mankate carbon fiber cloth has a strong flexibility because of its special weave arts. It can wrap the building with a complex shape, which is suitable for a variety of bridges, columns, walls, etc. The poor quality carbon fiber cloth is difficult to completely fit and easy to have bubbles. This can’t guarantee the quality of the project. The most important point is that carbon fiber cloth must be tensile. The tensile strength of Mankate carbon fiber cloth is more than 3800mpa. The poor quality carbon fiber cloth can’t reach the half of the standard at all. Therefore, at present many domestic construction projects have different levels of security risks. We see that our cities are flourishing and high buildings are rising. But we can’t ensure that it will be like the Titanic with a strong appearance but weak inside. The humble carbon fiber cloth is related to the safety of everyone. So if each builder of this society has a sense of responsibility, please use the carbon fiber cloth produced by the regular manufacturers. Don’t use the cheap one and cause disastrous consequences.


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