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Why must you use carbon fiber cloth for the reinforcement of school buildings?

Jul. 12, 2017

In recent years, under the country’s vigorous promotion, many rural and poor areas of primary and secondary school buildings are asked to carry out the reinforcement projects in order to improve the quality of school buildings. But for now, among the school buildings that have been rectified, there are still some of them that do not meet the safety monitoring standard. So the State Council made a 3-year plan in 2009 that all primary and secondary school buildings needed to carry out the seismic and debris flow resistance transformation to eliminate security risks in the areas that often have earthquake and debris flow. Nanjing Mankate has always been committed to enabling students to study in a safe and secure environment. Moreover, it also helps a number of schools to carry out the carbon fiber cloth reinforcement during the summer holiday in order to improve school safety level. For the Mankate that possesses the "safety appraisal report" certificate of the industry authority of the National Building Materials Testing Center, why does it always praise highly the use of carbon fiber cloth to strengthen the school buildings?

Nowadays carbon fiber cloth is the internationally advanced main reinforcement way. This has more advantages than the previous steel material reinforcement. Firstly in the terms of the reinforcement strength, the tensile strength of carbon fiber can reach up to more than 3400 Mpa. The maximum tensile strength of Mankate’s carbon fiber cloth can reach up to 4124 Mpa. It is more times than the ordinary steel materials. Simply in the view of the safety, it is more excellent. Secondly, the quality of carbon fiber cloth is only 23% of steel. Every tow per meter only weighs 0.8g. The density is only a quarter of steel. So it is lighter and will not increase the pressure of wall and the overall building structure. Finally, carbon fiber cloth is flexible. It can be bended and wound, which is suitable for different kinds of wall and special-shaped structure. The construction condition is simple. In the two months’ summer holiday, it can be installed easily and will not affect the beginning of new semester.

In addition, Mankate will also do the data monitoring according to the situation of school scene. The Mankate Corporation which has the full set of imported monitoring equipment that can be matched well with the national monitoring center will give the most practical and the most effective reinforcement advice to let the country’s money spend on the blade. Students can study in safe school buildings. Mankate's mission is: keeping making progress, pursuing a new height in the field of building materials, continuing to serve the society and creating the most value for every customer!