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The Construction Site of Chengdu Metro Line: Application of NJMKT Conical Specified Adhesive Anchor And MT-500 Anchorage Adhesive!

May. 02, 2017

  With earlier stage communication and negotiation, fully prepared materials such as test reports and contact, finally we Nanjing Mankate was honored to supply China Railway First Group Co,.Ltd. with NJMKT conical specified anchor and MT-500 anchorage adhesive for the construction of Chengdu Metro Line.
  Here are several pictures of the construction site for you to get a clear perception:

  There is not only one metro line construction using NJMKT products, thery also are widely used in Nanjing Metro Line3, Hefei Metro Line, Shenzhen Metro Line11, Nanjing tramcar, Lanzhou Metro Line1, Suzhou Metro line2 & Metro liner4, Tianjing Metro Line6, etc. With responsibility toward customers, engineering quality, people's life and ourselves, we always strive for higher quality and greater service.

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