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What's Outer Hexagon Bolt? Come On And Take A Look!

Feb. 21, 2017

  What's Outer Hexagon Bolt? Come On And Take A Look!

Outer hexagon bolt is the bolt with hexagonal head. China hexagon bolt is manufactured according to China standard. Therefore, outer hexagon bolt is produced according to international standard.

Main Applications:
Outer hexagon bolt, standard components, fasteners are widely used in the manufacture, installation and maintenance of various mechanical equipments, electric products, communication equipments, fitment and construction.

Outer hexagon has got two grades: grade 4.8 & 8.8. Both of them are widely used, especially grade 4.8 hexagon bolt which is much cheaper than grade 8.8 hexagon bolt. If there are higher requirements on hardness, torsion and so on, grade 8.8 will be used.

Dimension & Specifications
International standard of hexagon bolt stipulates the specification of thread ranges from M3~M64. A-class is used when hexagon bolt's diameter≤24, nominal length≤10D or L≤150mm(subject to numerical value); B-class is used when hexagon bolt's diameter >24, or nominal length>10D or L>150mm(subject to numerical value)

Label example of A-class hexagon bolt: the specification of therad D=M12, nominal length = 80mm, grade 8.8:
bolt GB/T5782-86-M12×80
Opposite side dimensions of international outer hexagonal head bolt and matched international wrench
The diameter of thread/ the opposite side  the diameter of the opposite side of hexagon bolt S socket spanner, dual wrench, double-headed wrench, box wrench.

Outer hexagon bolt is the most widely used bolt. Its external thread is used to match with nut, therefore threaded connection combines two components into one.

C-class hexagon bolt is mainly used upon coarse surface and mechanical equipments with lower requirements on precision. Hexagon of A-class and B-class is mainly used in the smooth and clean surface, machine and equipments.

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