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How Important Role the Undercut Panel Anchor Plays in Anchoring Stone Curtain Wall?

Jan. 05, 2017

 How Important Role the Undercut Panel Anchor Plays in Anchoring Stone Curtain Wall?

  With the development of social economy and improvement of life quality, people have higher requirements toward the quality of living conditions, which promotes the rapid development of curtain wall decorating industry.

  Stone curtain wall is normally composed by stone panel and supporting structure(cross beam, column, steel structure connectors and so on). They are maintenance structure that do not bear the major structure load and impact. In order to meet the requirement of strength calculation, stone should be thicker than 25mm. Therefore, the weight of stone should be over 70kg/m2. In such circumstance, if the stone curtain wall fall off, it will be very dangerous. Therefore,  accordingly, curtain wall anchoring system have significant importance. As panel anchor plays an important role in stone curtain wall, its quality weighs much high.

  NJMKT panel anchor adopts A4 stainless steel, with high tensile strength and seismic resistance, it can be widely used in various curtain wall, especially the natural stone as decorative plate. With high corrosion resistance, NJMKT panel anchor even can be used in wharf, pool, under chemical engineering and other harsh environment. With high quality, the safety of stone curtain wall anchoring can be ensured. Click here to know more details!

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