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Latest News! 130 Thousands of Hammer-in Undercut Panel Anchor Have Already Been Sent to America!

Dec. 07, 2016

  With Mankate products getting more and more popularity, more orders are coming both from China and the world! Here is the latest order coming from Saipan Garapan Resort Hotel, America, ordering 130 thousands of hammer-in undercut panel anchor for building reinforcement! We feel very grateful to customer’s trust and support, and we will keep on improving! For higher quality and great service, we are always on the way! 

  Undercut panel anchor plays an important role in curtain wall reinforcement. NJMKT undercut panel anchor adopts stainless steel material to meet the required tensile and shearing strength; it abounds in easy construction, no need of any adhesive, can be safely and quickly installed in desirable height.

NJMKT Hammer-in Undercut Panel Anchor


1. Installation process is easy to control, wide construction coverage

2. Lock-effect anchor fixing, initial installation stress is nearly negligible, and low installation stress ensures the protection of panel materials

3. Closed Z-type ring structure has completely dispersed temperature stress caused by different temperature strain between the stone and anchor, which is the problem of ordinary panel anchor application

4. Immediate load-carrying capability 

5. The design of internal thread can effectively prevent the pressure ring loosing off, increase the safety of construction

6. The check washer and check nut ensure the connection of curtain wall and keep the security and stability under long-term wind load.


  Nanjing Mankate Science & Technology Co., Ltd., is a high-tech enterprise that specializes in researching, developing, manufacturing and selling a full range of anchoring and fixing systems, products and accessories for building reinforcement in construction industry. We pay high attention to the technical research and development and the products quality. When production is completed, quality testing will be make upon all our products. We never allow one piece of unqualified products to be marketed, because we always strive for the safety and quality of our products. If you are searching for reinforcement material with high quality, come on and take a look! Looking for your inquiry!

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