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Is the reinforced adhesive more expensive and the quality better? Nanjing mankate reinforced adhesive manufacturer

Feb. 19, 2020

 The market for planting bars adhesive is very complicated, and the prices are different. The prices of domestic and imported products are very different, and the prices of planting bars adhesive are also uneven. Do you know how much is a barrel of planting bars adhesive? And is the expensive planting bars adhesive necessarily good?  We will answer these questions for you!


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 Is the reinforced adhesive more expensive and the quality better?

 Many people in today's society say that when you buy things, you have to buy expensive ones. The expensive ones are good, and the quality is not so bad. But is it true? In fact, the choice of reinforced adhesive depends on many factors, not just the price. The following are the factors to consider when choosing reinforced adhesive.

 1. The importance of the brand  How long the company has been in the reinforcement industry, which shows the strength of the brand, no doubt, the old brand far exceeds the emerging brand in experience. Nanjing Mankate has been focusing on the reinforcement industry for 16 years, and its products are exported abroad. Even CCTV interviewed Mankate three times.


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 2. Is it a manufacturer?  If so, it should be strictly controlled in terms of product quality. After all, it is not easy to make a brand. No one wants to shoot yourself in the foot, and it is much more cost-effective to buy things at the manufacturer than at the dealer.  Nanjing Mankate Reinforced Adhesive Headquarters delivers goods directly. There is no intermediary to make a difference and let you directly profit.

 3. How about word of mouth? Old customers have been praising, and new customers are constantly recommended, because products of good quality are recommended and selected. Mankate was interviewed by CCTV three times and received great affirmation.

4. According to the requirements of GB50728-2011, it has passed the safety appraisal and has a safety appraisal report, and the "sampling inspection" in the test report provided by each manufacturer can better reflect the quality of the product.  Mankate can provide you with on-site inspections, and issue inspection reports on-site, allowing you to view the data before placing an order!

 5. In terms of composition, the reinforced adhesive uses modified epoxy adhesive as the national A-grade adhesive. It is strictly prohibited to use unsaturated polyester resins and alkyd resins as adhesives in the reinforcement of load-bearing structures.

 6. The durability of the product is not recommended if it is less than 50 years.



Mankate reinforced adhesive, good quality and well- guaranteed!

 After reading this article, when you buy reinforced adhesive, you can be sure of the price.  In the market of reinforced adhesive, Mankate Technology Co., Ltd. can be regarded as reasonable price and guaranteed quality.  Mankate reinforced adhesive has been used many times in the construction of subways in various places, and has been broadcasted on CCTV for many times. The quality is very guaranteed. If you need it, you are welcome to call us. One-stop service hotline of Mankate: 400-894-5118