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Do You Know How To Prevent Concrete Cracks From Appearing Repeatedly?

Dec. 13, 2019

Concrete cracks are a problem that must be faced by concrete structures. Because concrete has high compressive strength and low tensile strength, the generation of cracks is often inevitable. In order to ensure building safety, concrete crack repair must be timely. Today, the Crack Sealing Adhesive Supplier will discuss with you, why do some cracks appear repeatedly after repairing?

Is crack repair necessary as soon as concrete cracks appear? In fact, many people have asked Mankate about this question, but we still remind everyone to keep in mind the concrete cracks. Many friends said, "As long as the crack is on that day, my heart can't be peaceful!" In fact, many people have this kind of mentality. The generation of concrete cracks not only makes people feel unsafe, it is shrouded in panic, and some have waterproof requirements. In terms of building construction, there is also the possibility of water seepage. For example, a few days ago, it was cheap to say that the floor of his toilet would seep downstairs. As a result, there was an embarrassment every day in the neighborhood. So imagine how important crack repair is!

In the reinforced concrete structure, the role of the concrete protective layer on the reinforcement is very important. Once cracking occurs, it is sooner or later to induce corrosion of the reinforcement. The strength of the induced reinforcement decreases, and the bearing capacity of the concrete structure must be affected.


Crack Sealing Adhesive

There are many common methods for crack repair. If it is a small concrete crack, Mankate recommends that you can use Crack Sealing Adhesive to close it. Some projects reflect that the crack will reappear soon after closing the concrete crack with grouting glue. There is an inevitable relationship between the quality of seam glue. Due to quality issues, some grout joints on the market cannot be repaired in depth for relatively small cracks, resulting in the internal cracks in the concrete structure not being completely sealed, and they will continue to develop soon.

At this time, Mankate had to mention our company's product, because it dealt with concrete cracks! Nanjing Mankate's grouting glue has low viscosity and strong permeability, and can inject micro-cracks with a width of 0.1mm. It has excellent resistance to moisture, heat and aging, and excellent resistance to acid and alkali corrosion. It is a really good glue, so it has also been rated as a famous product in China and underwritten by Ping An of China.

However, if high-quality potting glue cannot prevent the recurrence of cracks, then the problem of insufficient bearing capacity must be considered. Simple crack repair is only a "scratch cure but not a cure." Only by improving the bearing capacity of concrete structures can concrete cracks be cured. Adhesive steel reinforcement and Carbon Fiber Fabric reinforcement methods can be used. For bridge reinforcement, prestressed carbon plate reinforcement is more suitable.

In the same way, if the concrete reinforcement material is not selected properly, concrete cracks will still occur repeatedly. In order to avoid this situation, it is necessary to find the right brand and accurate quality products. The embankment of thousands of miles was destroyed in the ant's nest, so the cracks are small, but it must be prevented. Whether it is carbon cloth, structural adhesive, joint sealant, various concrete crack repair materials, you can find high-quality and save money in Mankate. Here you can purchase all the materials you need in one stop, and you can save " "Running Fee" 30% fee! You need to know how to avoid recurrence of concrete cracks. In addition to finding the cause of cracks in concrete structures, you also need to find crack repair products. Everyone is welcome to contact Mankate.