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Is fiber cloth almighty?-Nanjing Mankate fiber cloth price

Nov. 27, 2019

 Today, fiber cloth is a big hit in the building reinforcement industry. Whether it is the tensile, seismic reinforcement, reinforcement and crack repair of bridges, tunnels or concrete structures, it can come in handy, and the effect is not inferior to traditional reinforcement methods.  But is fiber cloth reinforcement technology really almighty?  That's not necessarily true!


Is it suitable for fiber cloth reinforcement?  Mankate offers free consultation!

Fiber cloth material has obvious performance advantages. Take Mankate's fiber cloth as an example. It has a light weight and only 23% of steel, but its tensile strength is as high as more than 4000 MPa, which is eight times that of steel.  It can be cut like cloth, and it can also be bent and wound. Therefore, it is definitely a better construction solution for the reinforcement of various curved surfaces and special-shaped members.  Fiber cloth is as dazzling as a star and shines in the industry, but does this mean that all the reinforcement works can be done with fiber cloth?


 The tensile data of Mankate fiber cloth is up to more than 4000 MPa ~

If the building structure has undergone severe deformation, do not use fiber cloth to strengthen it.  In fact, compared to the building structure, the stress of the fiber cloth is relatively lagging. If it is used in the project with insufficient bearing capacity and large deformation, it will not improve the bearing capacity and the earthquake resistance of the floor.  The original situation is further deteriorated, so the fiber cloth is not suitable for all situations. In this case, it may be possible to use reinforced rubber reinforcement, increase the cross-section, and directly reinforce the reinforcement, that is, it cannot be reinforced with fiber cloth.

 There is also a situation where the rigidity of the building structure itself is insufficient. If you want to increase the structural rigidity through fiber cloth, you may be disappointed. In this kind of project, the utilization of fiber cloth is low and the effect is poor.  Don't do anything about it.

Although the fiber cloth reinforcement is great, there are also shortcomings. Therefore, do not move the case in any way, not only will not have a positive effect, but will also bring losses.  If you decide whether the project is suitable for fiber cloth reinforcement, you can consult Nanjing Mankate first. We will give professional opinions and provide free calculation books. Whether it is pre-sale or after-sale, we will have professionals to follow up to help you solve all incurable diseases of reinforcement.  If you have a demand for fiber cloth materials, please contact Mankate hotline: 400-894-5118.

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