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Carbon cloth can reinforce cracks in houses - carbon cloth manufacturer Nanjing Mankate

Nov. 07, 2019

 Home is our gentle harbor. How can we bear to see it hurt but sit back and ignore it?  When there is a crack in the house, don't take it lightly. This tiny crack may develop into a larger one.  At this time, the better way is to use carbon cloth to strengthen, but why?


 Is there a crack in the house?  Mankate carbon cloth helps you deal with it~

1. The development of cracks is uncertain. The carbon cloth reinforcement is to adhere the carbon cloth reinforcement material to the cracks of the house, so as to prevent the crack from expanding.  Moreover, carbon cloth has the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and moisture and heat aging, and is very suitable for house reinforcement.

 2. The construction of carbon cloth is very simple, and the application range of this material is large and practical.  Although small cracks on the wall can be solved with grouting glue, for larger cracks, potting is simply a drop in the bucket.  Moreover, the carbon cloth can be horizontally pasted, flat-forked or cross-pasted.

3, The performance of carbon cloth reinforcement material is very good. Carbon cloth has a strong tensile capacity. The national standard level of carbon cloth standard is 3400 MPa, but the tensile strength of Mankate carbon cloth has reached more than 4,000 MPa. The home is our sanctuary. If it is full of danger at all times, it will make people feel uneasy and will not be peaceful all the time.  Instead of just looking for a carbon cloth to stick, it is better to choose good high-quality carbon cloth and put a strong armor on our home.



More than the national standard for primary carbon cloth, Mankate carbon cloth is worth buying!

 Don't think that the function of carbon cloth is limited to the reinforcing wall. If the beams, slabs and columns in the house are “injured”, carbon cloth can help them to strengthen.  Nanjing Mankate Carbon Cloth was rated as China's famous product. It was underwritten by Ping An of China. It passed the 50-year certification for resistance to damp heat aging and was interviewed by CCTV three times. The manufacturer is also guaranteed for 50 years. What are you worried about?



Interviewed by CCTV 3 times, what are you worried about to the brand that is closely watched by the public?

 And Mankate also provides technical support, free design ideas, construction plans, technical guidance.  If you have a need for carbon cloth reinforcement, please contact Mankate hotline: 400-894-5118.

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