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Wuxi Viaduct collapse revelation - how to strengthen the viaduct

Oct. 21, 2019

 On October 10, the 312 National Road Viaduct in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province collapsed.  At present, the casualties are unknown. It can be seen from the monitoring screen that the entire bridge deck has fallen instantaneously and squashed some of the vehicles below. The cause of the accident was initially investigated as overloading the large vehicles on the bridge deck, resulting in the overload of the viaduct and the tragedy. However, there will be long-term quality problems, which will lead to accidents. Nanjing Mankate has many years of experience in strengthening the viaducts, such as the Taizhou Yangtze River Bridge, the Beijing-Shanghai Expressway, and the Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway. Today, Mankate will tell you how to strengthen and maintain the viaducts.


Not afraid of any size of cracks, we have Mankate crack repair products!

The viaduct is divided into a pier and a bridge deck structure. The bridge pier of the viaduct has a heavy load and is exposed all the year round. It is easily damaged by temperature and wind and the sun, and there are problems such as concrete spalling, defects, depressions and cracks.  If there is a crack in the pier, the loose concrete should be first removed, the solid concrete part will be leaked out, sealed with potting glue, the wall will be made into a V-shaped groove along the crack, and then the grouting nozzle will be inserted between 350mm~400mm.  Use a brush to clean the dust and particles around the gap. After filling, ensure that the potting glue does not leak. Use a sealant to paint along the wall until it is closed. Then the bridge pier is reinforced with 300g carbon fiber cloth.  300g carbon fiber cloth can make the bridge body and high-strength carbon fiber form a whole, and the common load is compressive.  Before attaching 300g carbon fiber cloth, the surface of the pier should be treated. Because the 300g carbon fiber cloth should fit well with the pier so that it can exert the function of common force. So the surface should be cleaned to ensure that it is flat and without corners.  After cleaning the surface, 300g carbon fiber cloth should be cut according to the regulations. The surface should be treated with leveling glue. In the process of pasting, for empty drums with a diameter of 10mm30mm, less than 10 square meters per square meter can pass;  In 10 cases, it is unqualified and needs to be repaired; for an empty drum with a diameter of 30 mm, as long as it appears, it is unqualified and needs to be repaired.

After talking about the pier, we talk about bridge deck reinforcement. For bridge deck reinforcement, we recommend prestressed carbon fiber board reinforcement. Prestressed carbon fiber board is also called prestressed CFRP board. Prestressed carbon fiber board reinforcement is common in large-scale infrastructure projects such as bridges and viaducts.  The prestressed carbon fiber reinforced sheet helps to reduce the occurrence of structural cracks and hinder the development of cracks. On the basis of improving the bearing capacity, it can effectively improve the bending performance of the bridge structure and reduce the probability of structural deformation.  Nanjing Mankate's prestressed carbon fiber board has excellent physical and mechanical properties, and its tensile strength is 10-15 times higher than that of ordinary steel. This is difficult for other brands outside.  It has excellent creep resistance, corrosion resistance and shock resistance, and is very suitable for reinforcement of reinforced concrete.


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Mankate prestressed carbon fiber board system

 Secondly, it should also be light and flexible.  Nanjing Mankate's prestressed carbon fiber board is stronger than steel, but its quality is only 1/5 of steel. It can save money by light weight!  Good flexibility allows pre-stressed carbon fiber sheets to be coiled and can be supplied in larger lengths without the need for overlap.

Through this accident, we should wake up everyone's alarm. Any viaduct should be regularly inspected and maintained. 300g carbon fiber cloth and pre-stressed carbon fiber board, short construction period, light weight, not afraid of corrosion, very suitable for outdoor large-scale engineering, Nanjing Mankate prestressed Carbon fiber board detachable anchors are widely used in bridge reinforcement. Welcome to call Mankate Consulting hotline: 400-894-5118.

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