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​ Good anchor system makes prestressed carbon plate reinforcement really effective.

Jul. 23, 2019

 Yesterday, we consulted with a university professor to learn about a bridge reinforcement project in Beijing. We used a prestressed anchor of a certain brand. Later we found it very ugly and the effect was very poor. We originally planned to prestress other bridges. Because this bridge failed, so the other bridges also stopped.  It seems that the quality of a product affects not only the enterprise itself, but also the future of the entire industry. In fact, the anchors of this company are not good, and it does not mean that the anchors of the whole industry are not good, right?


The bridge that the professor talked about, Mankate also participated in the beginning. Later, because of Mankate's prestressed anchor carbon plate system, due to better quality and relatively high price, a relatively inexpensive anchor in Beijing was adopted.  And later it led to this bad result!


 A good prestressed carbon plate reinforcement system can significantly improve the structural stress and improve the structural safety reserve performance.  The pre-stressed carbon plate fully combines the advantages of pre-stress technology and carbon plate, and turns passive into active, giving full play to the performance of carbon plate.  Civil construction, bridges and other fields have been widely used.


A full set of pre-stressed carbon board anchor systems, Mankate can produce it on its own, rejecting uncontrollable foundry.


 As people pay more and more attention to the application of pre-stressed carbon plates, the form and types of pre-stressed carbon plates are also constantly enriched, and its shortcomings are gradually exposed.


 For example, when various forms of prestressed carbon sheets are used to reinforce the structure, you will find that the carbon sheets are not far in the high-strength performance, so the damage is extremely easy to produce.  This is due to the fact that pre-stressed carbon sheets require higher technology than conventional reinforcement products, not only high-quality, high-performance pre-stressed carbon sheet materials, but also a strong anchor system to assist.


 Two pictures, who is the best carbon board!


The importance of high efficiency anchors

 The anchor system is actually a part of the prestressed carbon plate reinforcement system, but it is often overlooked by everyone. In fact, the advantages and disadvantages of the anchor system directly affect the tension effect of the prestressed carbon plate.


 Only high-efficiency anchors can fully exert the performance of pre-stressed carbon plates. Only the anchors with strong fatigue resistance can reduce the probability of fatigue damage. Pre-stressed carbon plates and anchors have no relative slip, which can have long-term and effective fatigue resistance.


 Safety, also choose Mankate anchor!  Lightweight Mankate anchors allow carbon panels to perform above 95% strength!


What are the advantages of the Mankate prestressed carbon sheet reinforcement system?

 Nanjing Mankate prestressed carbon board not only has the performance and quality of carbon board, but also has a strong anchor system.  As a big brand that has been deeply cultivated for 16 years in the building reinforcement industry, Mankate has been focusing on R&D and design of reinforcement products. Pre-stressed carbon plates and detachable anchors are not only met by national standards, but also passed ISO quality certification system.  The products are underwritten by China Ping An, and the quality is far more strict than the national standards.


 Next, what we said might make you stunned.  No need to slot + anchors Reusable Reuse + Free technical service = Mankate's carbon board reinforcement system can save you about 30% of the money, earning more than 10,000 RMB!


The anchoring system enables the prestressed carbon plate to reinforce its high-strength performance. It has been successfully used in Chongqing Yuzhong District Overpass, Nanjing Dabaoen Temple, and Northeast Gongzhuling Bridge. It is well-received and praised.  State-owned enterprises and central enterprises are highly recommended.  The Mankate brand, which is exported to the world's five continents, is worthy of your trust!  If you have any needs, please contact our service hotline: 400-894-5118.


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