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What are the reasons for building reinforcement?

Jun. 18, 2019

Many customers think that the current buildings are all reinforced concrete structures, and the stability is very strong, so there is no need for reinforcement. This is a big mistake. The building may be relatively stable when it is first put into use, but the building is a long-term use. The objects will naturally appear various diseases as the number of years of use increases. Why must the building be reinforced? In building reinforcement, you will find that there are some problems in the buildings that need to be reinforced. Reinforcement can increase the period of use of the building and increase the safety and reliability of the building. So what are the reasons for building reinforcement?


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What are the reasons for building reinforcement?

1. Construction quality, decoration damage, excessive use, etc. There are many reasons for construction quality accidents. There are objective and subjective factors, mainly: the strength of materials or other technical indicators do not meet the requirements, such as low concrete strength grade, unqualified steel and steel plates, etc. There are mistakes during construction. The steel bars are leaked, placed less, overlapped, anchored, etc.; the node construction measures are improperly handled, and the newly connected hinges and hinged joints are difficult to handle; the size or position of the components is not equal.


Effect of prestressed carbon fiber reinforced cloth to strengthen bridge


2. The design has reached the end of its useful life, or the original structure cannot meet the requirements under the existing specifications. Today's buildings are designed to last for 50 years. When they reach 50 years or not, they need to be reinforced by structural identification. After the earthquake in Sichuan in 2008, new seismic codes were issued. If the existing buildings could not meet the existing specifications, seismic reinforcement would be required.


Carbon fiber reinforced cloth reinforcement slab effect


3, overuse, it is similar to the current road, running overloaded muck, a large number, easy to crush the road, the structure is the same. The use of the building has changed or increased, such as: the use of the building has changed or increased. The addition of escalators and elevators involves the opening of slabs and the addition of components. The addition of mezzanine, such as the renovation of office buildings, requires the addition of several floors inside the building.


Bonding steel reinforcement effect


4. The office use is changed to commercial use, so that the floor load increases more. We will find that the house has been reinforced and more secure to use, and there is no need to worry about the safety of the house.


It can be seen that the reasons for building reinforcement involve many aspects, and building reinforcement is also necessary. Do not think that the construction is completed without worry. The later maintenance can not be ignored. Mankate has focused on strengthening the industry for 16 years. If you need it, please feel free to contact Mankate~


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